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Your best friend during menopause

Posted by Megan on Sep 24, 2020 3:38:31 PM


Menopause is a normal, natural part of aging that brings a newfound sense of empowerment, but also changes in the body that can often lead to uncomfortable symptoms. Among these is very commonly hot flashes and trouble sleeping.

Ladies, while you’re embracing this stage of life and all that comes with it, Ebb is happy to be able to supportyou in combatting the new challenges.

CoolDrift by Ebb is a headband that works by providing continuous cooling to the forehead at a precise temperature that is clinically validated to calm a racing mind and induce sleep. Trial participants reported falling asleep 50% faster and experiencing 90% better sleep quality on average in the total population.

But the trials didn’t stop there. A study was conducted with women going through menopause to validate its impact on menopause-specific symptoms. The study indicated that, relative to baseline, women had improved sleep within the first week, with further improvements after 2-4 weeks of use. Women also reported fewer hot flashes that were less severe during both day and night. There were significant reductions in Insomnia Severity Index and reductions in hot flash related symptoms.

It may seem simple that something cold would help with hot flashes, but the science behind why CoolDrift helps is so much more than that. Decades of research by our founder, Dr. Eric Nofzinger, established the optimal temperature range that slows the mind’s metabolic rate, putting you into a sort of “mini-hibernation” that you control. Temperatures that are too cold (like an ice pack) trigger your pain receptors and keep you from being able to sleep. You’ll also benefit from something that will maintain that cool temperature throughout the night since nighttime hot flashes lead to discomfort and awakenings.

CoolDrift will continue to support you even after your menopause symptoms have subsided. A calm mind helps you sleep, but it also helps you relax and find peace during the day too. Many people like to integrate the headband into their wind down or meditation time.

Two CoolDrift models are available to choose from: CoolDrift Luxe and CoolDrift Versa. You can use the guide on our website, or chat with our Customer Care team to choose which best fits your needs.

No matter what phase of life you’re in – keep calm and rock on!

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